Exploring the Application of ABA Outside of Autism: Ethical Considerations for Practitioners

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Exploring the Application of ABA Outside of Autism: Ethical Considerations for Practitioners

continuing education credits

Join us for a virtual CEU event on March 24th, 2023, as we explore the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) beyond autism and the ethical considerations that come with it. Our event features three expert speakers who will provide unique insights and perspectives on the topic.


Mackenzie Toland, MA-MFT, LMFT, BCBA, will present on organizational behavior management.
Alana Rauhoff, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA, will present on speech and service delivery to non-ASD populations
Lilyan Campbell, MS, MFT, BCBA, Clinical Director, will present on Parent training.


This event is designed for certified BCBA/BCaBA professionals looking to expand their knowledge of ABA beyond autism and explore its ethical implications. Our distinguished speakers will cover a range of topics, including organizational behavior management, service delivery to non-ASD populations, and ethical considerations when working with diverse backgrounds. Attendees will have the opportunity to earn 3 CEUs and network with other professionals in the field.

CE Learning Objectives:

Gain a deeper understanding of the application of ABA beyond autism.
Learn about the ethical implications of working with diverse populations.
Understand the best practices for service delivery to non-ASD populations.
Learn how to apply organizational behavior management principles in your practice.


9:00am – 9:50am EST: Mackenzie Toland – Organizational Behavior Management
9:50am – 10:05am EST: Q&A with Mackenzie Toland
10:05am – 10:55am EST: Alana Rauhoff – Speech
10:55am – 11:10am EST: Q&A with Alana Rauhoff
1:00pm – 1:50pm EST: Lilyan Campbell – Parent training
1:50pm – 2:05pm EST: Q&A with Lilyan Campbell

We understand your commitment to providing the best possible care for your clients as a certified BCBA/BCaBA, which is why we’ve organized this event to help you broaden your knowledge, challenge your thinking, and ultimately become a more effective and thoughtful ABA practitioner. Registration is open now, and the cost of the event is $90. Space is limited, so don’t wait too long to sign up.


9:00 am - 10:05 am Virtual

Organizational behavior management in non-ASD populations

Organizational behavior management in non-ASD populations

mackenzie toland Mackenzie Toland
10:05 am - 11:10 am Virtual

Speech and Service delivery to non-ASD populations

Speech and Service delivery to non-ASD populations

alana rauhoff Alana Rauhoff
1:00 pm - 2:05 pm Virtual

Ethical considerations and parent training

will cover a range of topics related to parent training, including best practices, common challenges, and how to adapt training to meet the unique needs of different families. You'll learn how to effectively communicate with parents, build rapport, and create a collaborative relationship that supports the success of ABA treatment.

lilyan campbell Lilyan Campbell
  • Date : 03/24/2023 - 04/15/2023
  • Time : 9:00 am - 3:20 pm (America/New_York)
  • Reg. Deadline : 04/15/2023

Registration Deadline Expired!!


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